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Why Doesn't My Dog LISTEN to Me?!

Most dog owners ask themselves this question at least once a day. They often yell it in frustration as well. They can't seem to understand why their dogs seem to "forget" simple commands. When they tell their dog to do something he has done several times before and he acts like they are speaking another language, it becomes frustrating for not only the owner but the dog as well.

The reason your dog acts like this is because we DO speak a different language. It is our job as dog owners to learn their language and use it to help teach them ours. This is what dog training is about!

Dogs are definitely one of the most exceptional companions for a human to have. The bond the two can share is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It almost seems as if the relationship between man and man's best friend couldn't get any better. However, the truth is, learning how your dog views the world and how to communicate with your dog in their language can take your bond with your dog to the next level.

If you want to begin to communicate with your dog more effectively and begin to break through this communication barrier then keep on reading and don't stop BELIEVINGGG (sorry! Journey reference, carry on...)

Here are two common mistakes owners make that break down clear communication with their dogs:


One mistake most owners make is repeating commands. Once a command such as "sit" is learned, repeating your command can be detrimental in a few ways. First, your dog may begin to learn a new and "wrong" command. Instead of the command being "sit", the command then turns into "sit, sit, sit". Now some dogs may sit the third or fourth time, which may be alright to you, but what if the safety of your dog relies on him complying the first time?? This is where the trouble begins.

Other dogs may not listen the third or fourth time and this is just as bad. This trains your dog that they do not have to listen to you the first time, the second time, or the third. This brings us to point two:


Another mistake owners commonly make is raising their voice and yelling at their dog. Now there is a HUGE difference between yelling at your dog out of frustration and being authoritative with your dog. Being authoritative and telling your dog to do something rather than asking him is fine if not done out of frustration.

Going back to point number one - When you repeat your commands and have a dog that doesn't respond, this can cause some MAJOR frustration (for both you and your dog). When training a command, you don't want to get frustrated and start to amp up the volume and shout like a drill sergeant in the military. This may work on civilians, but remember dogs speak a different language than we do. Shouting is much more likely to have your dog become confused and even shut down or freeze. This is often misconstrued by the owner as disobedience but, in actuality, it is uncertainty and maybe even fear. IF your dog does respond to the command when you yell it, you are teaching your dog to respond to your tone and possibly body language and not the command itself. Both frustration and yelling contributes to commands being 'lost in translation' for both man and dog.

These tips are just a small glimpse as to what professional dog training can help you with. Dog training should be fun for both you AND your dog. If you find yourself getting frustrated often, you should take a step back in your training. Frustration kills good results and can often have negative affects between you and your dog! Don't worry though. We have ALL been there. We have all be frustrated with our dogs at some point. It is how you handle the situation that matters!

Are you tired of constantly speaking in another language that your best furry friend doesn't understand? Are you tired of your dog's disobedience embarrassing and frustrating you both in public and at home? Have no fear! If you are looking for a qualified professional serving the mid-south, who can help you learn how to properly communicate with your dog and create the well behaved obedient family member you've always wanted, then contact Happy Tails Dog Training today at or on our Facebook at Our customized training for your unique dog is what we do best. Mention this post and receive $20 off of our Basic Obedience Course!

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