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"Sophie changed Maggie from an rambunctious puppy to a well mannered companion for my special needs daughter. She is very patient and knowledgeable and the change in Maggie is astonishing. We highly recommend her. She has a heart for this."

"Sophie is amazing, she really knows dog behavior and how to train us humans as well. 10/10 would recommend her to anyone!"

"Could not recommend Sophie more. She really helped turn a corner in our relationship with our dog. Everyday tasks such as eating, feeding our baby, and cleaning were hard to accomplish with our dog before Sophie worked with him. Now we are able to do all those tasks and then some while enjoying our dog more. Sophie not only trains your dog but you as well to be the best owner getting the best results."

"Sophie worked miracles with Oji in the 1 day they spent together. He walks calmly on the leash now, sits easily and is 95% less reactive to squirells. She understands dog psychology and is helping me to connect better with him. Oji is much happier with the proper guidance and boundaries and we have much more serene walks"

"Happy Tails has taken my misbehaving dog and turned him into arguably the most well behaved dog I have ever been fortunate enough to call my own."

"Sophie has done an incredible job training our two Golden Retrievers. She is very patient, explaining the why and how of the techniques used. Her enthusiasm for her profession and love for the dogs shows in her work. I’d highly recommend her for your four-legged friends"

"This program is amazing! I definitely hesitated about whether or not to get our Luna Lou trained, but I am so thankful we did! We didn’t realize how much we needed to work on until we had our evaluation with Sophie! Luna was hyper, hated the kennel, jumped on people, went crazy when she saw other dogs, and constantly barked at anyone walking by. Now, 2 lessons in, she is calmer, listens to us, she is able to eat and sleep in her kennel without freaking out, and she’s getting so much better about not jumping on people. 2 lessons in and she’s already a completely different dog. We still have 3 lessons left and I am so excited for my Luna to learn so much more! Thank you Happy Tails Dog Training for helping Luna become a well behaved, confident, sweet puppy!"

"We've had wonderful results with Sophie, even though we're only halfway through our training. She gives you the tools to solve problem behaviors and mindsets. In only 3 weeks, I've gone from having actual bruises on my arms from holding my dog back, to really enjoying our walks. When my entire family came over for the holidays, he was excited, but easy to control.

I would definitely recommend Sophie and Happy Tails Dog Training to anyone."

"If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Within two sessions, Apollo and I have both learned so much from Sophie. Apollo has worked with a few trainers, but nothing worked. Sophie knew exactly how to work with his anxiety, in order for him to succeed with his training. Apollo and I look forward to what the future has in store working with Happy Tails Dog Training."

"Sophie certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to training dogs. She really helped me learn how to handle and interact with my golden retriever puppy as we worked to train her. We are about to finish up beginner lessons and start the intermediate lessons because I want our dog to continue to progress as she has thus far. I highly recommend Sophie for training purposes. She has been great to work with."

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