Our mission is to provide dog owners with top quality dog training to help them live happier and fuller lives with their dogs.  Happy Tails Dog Training strives to create a life changing experience that is enjoyable for all dogs and their owners!

We know that life with your dog can be  frustrating and stressful sometimes!








- Do you want walks with your dog to be more enjoyable? 

- Are you afraid that your dog won't come when you call? 

- Do you have to put your dog up when you have guests 


- Does your dog have problem behaviors that need to be stopped NOW??

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we can help!





My name is Sophie Thomas and I am the owner and head trainer of Happy Tails Dog Training in Memphis, Tennessee.  I am Certified with years of experience training dogs of all ages and breeds.  I specialize in stopping unwanted problem behaviors as well as obedience training.

My goal is to educate dog owners and teach them how to properly communicate with their dogs so that they may live a fuller and stress free life with their canine companion!

Happy Tails Dog Training takes dog training to the next level while making it as simple as possible to incorporate into your life.  We go beyond the basic commands.  We teach you how to break old habits, create new ones and make dog training a new and easy lifestyle.  Every moment with your dog is a learning experience and we teach you how to make the best of it! 


We view you and your dog as a unique duo and we base our training courses off of your individual issues and goals!  We use balanced training methods to strengthen the bond between you and your dog,  increase your dog's desire to learn, and to create a clear line of communication between you and your dog! 

Along with obedience, we specialize in behavior modification and stopping severe problem behaviors!  If you have a problem behavior that you want to stop, we can help!


No issue is too big and no dog is too old!  There is hope!






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